What Kind of Mud Is This? – SPF – 10-18-15

Time for another fiction story to match the photo prompt from Al and Sunday Photo Fiction.

copyright – Al Forbes

Puppies will be puppies. Everyone says that, but until you have your own you don’t believe it. Well, I believe it now. My puppy was very docile when we first brought her home. I guess she was trying to get her bearings. Who could blame her, she went from a rectangular fenced in slab of concrete to a big, wide open world where she could roam free.

Suddenly the world was her oyster and chew toy. These new humans handling her were strange, but they could be molded, could be swayed to do her bidding. It was just a matter of following her puppy plan to win their hearts.

Even as she explored this new land, Sydney could not help but be intrigued by this new place. There was also a lot of activity going on outside. She could see this big mud pit where someone was working. She wanted to see more, so she found a way out to the fun. In short order she had the mud all over her. She began to worry when the mud began to stiffen. Had she made a big mistake?


My new puppy, Sydney
My new puppy, Sydney

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