The First Cow To Mars – Shapeshifter 13 (#22) – 10-9-15

The Grammar Ghoul Press offers two prompts each week to satisfy your fiction writing urge. One is a micro-story prompt offering multiples of 13 words, i.e. 13 in week one, 26 in week two and so on but always less than 53 words. The other is a 750 word offering known as the Mutant 750. I usually don’t get it together in time to include with the others. The prompt for The Shapeshifting 13 Mico-fiction Writing Challenge begins at noon on Friday and is open until 8:00 p.m. Sunday. Their is a grid you can add your offering to and there is a 24 hour reading and voting period by anyone who happens by.

So enough with the offical words, here is my interpretation of the prompt, which is the photo that follows along.

“The Six Million Dollar Cow” by Anthony Wolff

Trading with aliens was new, but money was money and Farmer Jones made a killing. How the aliens ate the heifer was their business, not his.


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