The Striped Eggs – Friday Fictioneers – 9/18/15

I cannot say I am the happiest with my effort for this one, but here you go:

copyright – David Stewart

“it’s a zombie pit,” Eric declared, in all his ten year old wisdom.

“is not!” Annie shot back defiantly.

“Have you seen the show?” Ben asked. “They herd them in and do speriments!”

“That,” Annie said with her hand on her hips, was an old water basin. From when Mrs. Gardener had her prize winning geese.”

“They gave prizes for geese?”Ben asked.

“She raised these special kind, they laid striped eggs. All the shops paid lots of money at Easter for pre-desgined eggs.”

“What did the geese look like?” Eric asked

“I dunno, I wasn’t born!”

“Stupid girl!”



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