Phobia, Shmobia – Daily Post – 9/16/15

The Daily Post for today gives us this instruction: Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I can remember when i was younger, in elementary school that speaking in front of others was terrifying. I would stutter and choke on my words as I tried to say things. Even in high school I can remember hesitating when I went to order at fast food restaurants. It was just something hard for me to do.

In high school i chose to do something called Extemperaneous Speaking, where I was given a topic and a fixed amount of time to work up a speech. It helped me begin to overcome the phobia, the difficulty in speaking in front of others. Over time I got more and more opportunites to work on it at school and at my church.

Soon, it became easier to do. Eventually i would speak in front of larger and larger groups. Then I developed the ability to speak without a script. In December of 2013 I enjoyed the opportunity to read a Christmas story to over 100 children and adults in the village of Maya Mopan near Belmopan, Belize.

I feel God gave me this ability to proclaim his good news to others. To go into the world as he commands and tell others of His saving grace. That is my most important goal with the gift he gave me.

Reading the"tale of the Three Trees" to kids at Heart House in Maya Mopan in December of 2013
Reading the”tale of the Three Trees” to kids at Heart House in Maya Mopan in December of 2013

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