When Canvass Meets the Beard- Shapeshifter 13 #18 – 9/14/15

So you all know how much I love fiction prompts. So much that I created this particualr blog for fiction related writing only. I have taken part in a number of prompts: Friday Fictioneers, Sunday Photo Fiction, Monday’s Finish the Story and some of Yeah Write’s offerings. A fairly new adventure is presented by Grammar Ghoul. They have two prompts, one called the Mutant 750 which provides a word and picture prompt and graciously allows you 750 words to make your story.

But they also have a microfiction challenge that has a varying amount of words each time. The following is for that prompt for this week. There is only 26 words budgeted this time with two words to include within that number. The story is to include “Canvass” and Beard”. Here is what I came up with.

Six tentacles arched above the water toward his all-important canvas. Haggis tugged hard at his long grey beard and listened to the crunching of his hull.


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