Scaring a Dozen – MFtS – Sept 14, 2015

Well it has been a while since I joined the Monday Finish the Story ranks. When last here I was in the midst of a multi-part Sophie Marceau mystery. Please accept my apologies if you invested in that series. The warm weather months just require way too much of my time to allow for writing. As we edge toward cooler months and less outdoor time I will become a more frequent contributor here and other writing places.

I hope you all enjoy the following and comment so I can know how to improve my writing and storytelling skills.

Copyright Barbara Beacham 2015

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by. It was not the world of her youth. No, that was 613 years ago, when she could barely pull off the slightest of incantations, when hocus pocus baffled her.

Today the world perked along at a much faster pace. iPods, iPads, those damned Smart Phones and every other electronic device had humans so distracted her spells were almost useless. She wondered if it was time to hang up her broom.

She decided that Halloween 2015 would be her final lithmus test. If she could scare a dozen humans that night she would invest in a new spell book. She craved the one on Amazon for $1313.13, but that was quite the investment. Twelve scared humans would make that investment seem worthwhile.


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