That Boat Don’t Float – Friday Fictioneers – 9/11/15

Friday Fictioneers are about, weaving their respective tales triggered with the kind assistance of Jennifer Pendergast. You should check her out at her blog, ElmoWrites, where you will find a world rich with imaginitive writing.

I always try to take an original and humorous look at the photos provided for this weekly mind exercise and I immediately saw my angle. I hope you enjoy.

Copyright- Jennifer Pendergast

“Me no go! Boat not float!”
Jason tried to remain patient. The old Indian chief he recruited for his commercial was balking at his choice of watercraft.
“Chief Redhorse, it is perfectly safe, state of the art.
“Seam wrong, boat sink!”
Seam, what seam?” Jason asked increduously.
Redhorse traced the square sawtooth seam down the middle of the canoe.
“Is wrong, boat will sink.”
“If I get in and cross will you?”
Jason struggled to put the boat on the water. Five minutes later he was thrashing around, calling for help.
“Square seam lets in river!” Redhorse called out.


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