Mutant 750 – #50 Doctors With Fast Shoes

I concocted this to meet the Mutant 750 #50 prompt. Basically you use 750 words to incorporate a word and picture prompt.

Mutant #50

It was this crucible of learning that sent Mark off on an adventure that would change the world as we know it. Sure, the Back to the Future movie added a little momentum to the inevitable, but the brains came from Mark’s noggin. You see Mark liked walking, well at least the scenery when walking, but not the actual act. It just seemed so slow, so pedestrian. After all, he was a brilliant physicist and engineering whiz. Thousands of years had passed and no one had devised a better way to get from point A to B on foot. But now that was going to change.

“You’re nuts,” Jennifer declared with her arms folded across her chest.

His model girlfriend had endured endless ribbing from her friends about his eccentricities. She saw the good that came with all of it though, and defended him without fail. But this time even she had to protest.

“Isn’t it basically a vehicle in a shoe?”

Mark actually stopped what he was doing, looked off in the opposite direction of Jennifer, took off his magnifying spectacles and turned her way before he spoke. “Be careful, you are beginning to sound like my boss!”

“You mean Dr. Alyce?”

“Doctor Alyce Moreno-Spencer, you must say it all, or she gets offended.”

“I prefer blondie!”

“I thought we were past all that. Don’t you trust me when I say I have spent all these hours in the lab on this?” he asked waving his hand toward his latest creation.

“I just wonder how much time blondie has spent with you.” She tossed her long raven locks as she adjusted her skirt and shot him a perturbed look.

“Jen, really. Why would I choose her over you?”

“Just promise me something?”


“When you test it, strap them on her.”

“I suppose you want me to send you a link to the recording of the test too.”

“You know it!”

Mark shook his head while he slid the glasses back on his nose. The thought that a model would be jealous of a scientist struck him quite humorous. He wanted to finish the prototype before going home tonight so he could test it the first thing in the morning. The investors would be here and ready to write him a big check if this worked.

Early the next morning he heard the lab door creak and he could smell the unmistakable scent of Doctor Alyce Moreno-Spencer’s perfume. She had a bright and excited expression on her face, eager to see what Mark had to offer.

“We may have a problem,” he said.

“A problem?” she said. “No, we cannot have a problem. No problems today. Today is the day for money to flow, not for problems. What is wrong?”

“Well we remembered everything but a test subject.”

Alyce thoughtfully tapped her chin with a forefinger.

“We really don’t have time of snatch someone out of another lab and fill them in. It should be someone invested in the project, someone with knowledge of the device.”

“Well, that severely limits the pool of possibles,” she said. “Basically it is just you and me.”

Mark shrugged as he looked her way, nodding slowly. Alyce looked at the shoes and swallowed hard. In her head she could hear the recent conversation with the dean of the College of Science stressing how vital it was that Mark’s project succeed.

“I’ll do it!” she said.

Mark watched the visitors in business suits shuffle for position as he readied Alyce for the test. He knew Jennifer would want him to aim his boss for a sure collision with a structure, but he could not bring himself to take that chance. He readied the video camera and made a final check before backing away to begin.

Alyce stooped slightly, preparing for the thrust of the machine. Mark tapped the small tablet in his hand and a low whine filled the air. Gradually she began to move across the track and seemed to keep her balance very well. Mark continued to add speed as he watched her cope with the experience and felt it was time to turn it up a notch.

Alyce shrieked when the small increment Mark planned actually manifested as a geometric one, sending her roaring toward the high jump pit. He frantically tapped his screen to no avail and watched as she roared forward, rolling head over heels into the large padded pit.

“I hope you’re happy Jen,” he said.


11 thoughts on “Mutant 750 – #50 Doctors With Fast Shoes

  1. Oops, looks like they should have tested it before the suits were watching — that’s just asking for trouble! Loved Dr. Alyce’s first lines — “No, we cannot have a problem.” — I clearly heard her saying that out loud, too funny.


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