2015 A to Z – Fiction From the Letter H – Helms Old Shed . . .

Welcome to the Fiction Playground! Seven days into this annual adventure to create 26 unique posts relating to the 26 letters of the alphabet and I am a bit fatigued. Yes, it could be the fact I am trying to do this four times with four different blogs. I am weary, but committed to follow through on the quest. By now you have read my spiel about the hows and whys, but for those just joining us this is a three part adventure. My friend Chris, a literary journal fiction editor created the prompts, his daughter Hannah provided the photos and I, on the far right in the picture below am tasked with crafting a short story.


I invite you to return each day to see Chris’ brilliant prompts, Hannah’s beautiful pictures and my fiction concoctions tied to each unique prompt.


Day 8 – Helms Old Shed in the Wood

copyright – Hannah Duncan 2015

“We have to have that for our plan to work!” the first convict declared.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Jim replied. He looked in every direction, desperately trying to get some bearings.

“I thought you said this place was easy to find!” the rough looking and rough talking fellow convict had been the muscle in the break out of the state penitentiary and was sure to repeat his murderous ways if Jim could not produce what he promised.

“I grew up in these woods. I know what I am doing. Just give me a chance to get acclimated to them again.”

“Yeah, meanwhile every gun toting lawman within two hundred miles is closing in.”

“If you are impatient, then shove off!” Jim growled.

Uley Howard was not the kind of guy to be challenged. It was the mistake of two guys in a bar in Galveston that led to Uley’s current forty year sentence for murdering the pair. But Jim Fraley was no wilting daisy. He had six years of infantry experience in Iraq and Afghanistan in his history. Firefights had a way of steeling your nerves and one man with no weapons growling at him was not enough to cause fear.

“Just find the loot!”

Jim shot him a look of disgust as he took another good luck at the woods around him. He began to wonder if Helms old shed in the woods where his loot was buried was still there after ten years.

7 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – Fiction From the Letter H – Helms Old Shed . . .

  1. Your prompts -and your flash fiction that accompany them are great. Each one has left me with a feeling of “I wanna know what happens next!” 😀


    1. Arlee. I regretted greatly not finishing. I had a couple of deaths in my family that just tore me apart and I could not focus on anything, including my writing. Yes, I definitely will be back for 2016. But I will build out all my A-Z entried prior to April and schedule them so I can give them proper attention for editing and content. I think you have created a great event. Did you happen to see any of my A-Z fiction prompts? I had a friend put together 26 unique fiction prompts combined with original photography from his teenage daughter.


      1. Life does throw us curves balls. Look forward to your return in 2016. Preparation ahead of time is a very good strategy. Yes, I saw some of what you did and I think you were on the right track.

        Arlee Bird
        A to Z Challenge Co-host
        Tossing It Out


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