2015 A to Z – G – Fiction from the Letter G – Gold, New . . .

Welcome to the Fiction Playground! Seven days into this annual adventure to create 26 unique posts relating to the 26 letters of the alphabet and I am a bit fatigued. Yes, it could be the fact I am trying to do this four times with four different blogs. I am weary, but committed to follow through on the quest. By now you have read my spiel about the hows and whys, but for those just joining us this is a three part adventure. My friend Chris, a literary journal fiction editor created the prompts, his daughter Hannah provided the photos and I, on the far right in the picture below am tasked with crafting a short story.



I invite you to return each day to see Chris’ brilliant prompts, Hannah’s beautiful pictures and my fiction concoctions tied to each unique prompt.


Day 7 – Gold, new and yellow like the sun and in the strangest places.

copyright – Hannah Duncan

“This was the headquarters of the mining operation,” the guide told the group.

“You mean with all that gold this was what they built?” A young woman asked.

“The focus was on getting the gold extracted and sold to the merchants on the Eastern side of the country. This building was simply a place for administration and processing, it did not have to be grand,” the guide explained.

“So how much gold came from here?” another group member asked.

“At least two hundred million pounds. Roughly about thirty percent of the volume between 1870 and 192o.”

The floors creaked as the group entered the building and looked at the many displays that lined the room. There was photos of the miners collected together and hard at work. Another photo showed a train that had come to bring a president to the camp in the late 1800s. The group milled around, snapping photos and marveling at the history.

There was also some correspondence framed and displayed on the walls that caught the attention of some of the tour group. Onr particular one was identified as the letter that started the rush of prospectors to the region.

“My dear Karina,

We came to this country in search of a better life and it has been so slow to find us. We have struggled in ways i never expected, but I believed our time was near. I have made it to the far coast of our new country and have come back to this wondrous place. It is here our dreams will come true. You must come at once. You have to see what I see here. Gold, new and yellow in the sun, and in the strangest places. I will impatiently await your arrival.

My Love,



3 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – G – Fiction from the Letter G – Gold, New . . .

  1. Ha! I am a bit fatigued too. Somehow I got a day behind and it was murder trying to catch up. I did 2 posts today. the first was a generous 400+ plus words and the second a brief 100-ish. What a relief to be back on track. Best wishes on your AS-Z journey.


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