2015 A to Z – E- Fiction from the Letter E – Emma’s Magic . . .

Welcome to the Fiction Playground! It is Day 5 and today a third member of the Duncan family joins the fun. The picture today is a close up of Chris’ younger daughter, Emma. As you know, I have enlisted the assistance of two friends to make this more of a fun effort. One, named Chris Duncan is a fiction editor for a literary journal. He has graciously agreed to deliver unique prompts tied to each letter of the alphabet. I will only pull these out the day they are to be posted so i do not have time to think about a potential story.

Keeping in the family theme I also partnered with Chris’ daughter, Hannah, a budding photographer. Hannah has just recently completed a showing of her work at a local gallery and is in the trumpet section of the local high school band with my daughter. I love the unique perspective Hannah has in her photography and asked Chris to coordinate pictures of hers with the prompts he chose for me. Below you can see a picture of the three of us during a recent band trip to Chicago for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I am on the right, which of course leaves Chris to the left and Hannah as the rose between the thorns.


I invite you to return each day to see Chris’ brilliant prompts, Hannah’s beautiful pictures and my fiction concoctions tied to each unique prompt.


Day 5 – Emma’s Magic Brown Eyes Changed Everything

copyright – Hannah Duncan

“What do we do?” Anna asked.

“We make a display just like always,” Barry replied. “I have no ideas,” Anna told him. “I gave my best in the last one.” She hesitantly began to remove items from the store window display as she tried to decide how to decorate for the next holiday, which would be Memorial Day and the start of summer.

“I thought you loved this job!” Barry reminded her.

“The job yes, coming up with ideas, not so much.”

Anna and Barry were the preeminent window dressers in Chicago. It was their job to turn foot traffic along Michigan Avenue into sales dollars. For sixteen months the team had been golden, driving sales upward 20%. But the ideas were drying up, and Anna was worried. She dropped the gela pad she used for sketching ideas and grabbed her purse. She needed some air.

All the skyscrapers glimmered in the early spring air. Thousands of tourists were in town for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. They were everywhere, taking in the sites of this big city. Anna noticed a family forming a semi-circle as they took in the view. The youngest was a blonde girl, maybe six or seven years old. She had her eyes fixed on something and Anna wanted to know what it was.

“Emma, honey, what do you see?” her mother asked.

Anna wondered the same, pushing forward to hear what the child had to say.

Even from ten feet away Anna heard the words she needed to change her view. Emma’a magic brown eyes changed everything.



One thought on “2015 A to Z – E- Fiction from the Letter E – Emma’s Magic . . .

  1. You are on my list to check if you are being part of the A to Z Challenge.

    THANK YOU for being up to the letter “E”…
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There’s no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?


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