2015 A to Z – D- Fiction from the Letter D – Deserted Except . . .

Welcome to the Fiction Playground! By day 4 of this 26 part challenge you have the gist of things. Twenty-six letters of the alphabet and the same number of chances to reward our readers with a post tied to the letter.

So what make this such a challenge for me? After all I write A LOT of fiction. I have enlisted the assistance of two friends to make this more of a fun effort. One, named Chris Duncan is a fiction editor for a literary journal. He has graciously agreed to deliver unique prompts tied to each letter of the alphabet. I will only pull these out the day they are to be posted so i do not have time to think about a potential story.

Keeping in the family theme I also partnered with Chris’ daughter, Hannah, a budding photographer. Hannah has just recently completed a showing of her work at a local gallery and is in the trumpet section of the local high school band with my daughter. I love the unique perspective Hannah has in her photography and asked Chris to coordinate pictures of hers with the prompts he chose for me. Below you can see a picture of the three of us during a recent band trip to Chicago for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I am on the right, which of course leaves Chris to the left and Hannah as the rose between the thorns.


I invite you to return each day to see Chris’ brilliant prompts, Hannah’s beautiful pictures and my fiction concoctions tied to each unique prompt.


Day 4 – Desertion except for the cat

copyright – Hannah Duncan 2015

I can remember well the day Felix arrived in our lives. It was barely twenty-four hours after I declared there would be no animals in the house. I never could say no to our girls, especially when they used their beautiful eyes and smiled so effectively. Besides, every kid deserves a pet. But I knew Felix and i would have a lot of work ahead of us to develop our relationship. I was a dog lover, and had always had one around but usually the dog disliked cats, so the cat question was decided.

Over the next three or four years Felix and i eventually reached an agreement. I would respect his space and he would ignore me, unless there was no one else to care for him. That was never the case as Felix went everywhere we went that was more than a day trip. He had a small travel box that seemed to make him happy. The kids did not want him to be lonely, so there was never a though of leaving him behind.

But eventually the day would come that the kids began to leave Felix out of their plans. As a father I knew this was going to come true and  expected the change to be more trying than the reality. Felix wasn’t sure how to take the change, but in classic cat fashion acted as though nothing was different. But it was, of course and the proof was when Felix decided lying beside me wasn’t so bad after all.



4 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – D- Fiction from the Letter D – Deserted Except . . .

  1. Oh I love that Felix finally showed you some love. Yes, cats are interesting creatures. I’m a dog person but I have met some incredible cats. Cats pose a challenge. It’s often tough to break through their walls. Sounds like you did a good job getting through. Don’t you just love the sound of a cat purring in your ear? It’s one of my favorite sounds in the world! Nice story. I love how your theme is set up! I’ll be back for more…
    Michele at Angels Bark


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