2015 A to Z – Fiction From the Letter A – Albert’s Secret is Buried in the Garden

Welcome to the Fiction Playground! Today marks the kickoff of the 2015 A to Z Challenge, in which bloggers all over the world embark on a 26 part quest to deliver a post tied to each letter of the alphabet. Yours truly, in keeping with the fiction theme established here will make a stab at 26 flash fiction stories. Flash Fiction is anything 2000 words or less, so perhaps I should say it will tend to be more like micro fiction. Regardless I will not try to fill out 2000 words. I think 400 or less will keep me within the A to Z guidelines.

So what make this such a challenge for me? After all I write A LOT of fiction. I have enlisted the assistance of two friends to make this more of a fun effort. One, named Chris Duncan is a fiction editor for a literary journal. He has graciously agreed to deliver unique prompts tied to each letter of the alphabet. I will only pull these out the day they are to be posted so i do not have time to think about a potential story.

Keeping in the family theme I also partnered with Chris’ daughter, Hannah, a budding photographer. Hannah has just recently completed a showing of her work at a local gallery and is in the trumpet section of the local high school band with my daughter. I love the unique perspective Hannah has in her photography and asked Chris to coordinate pictures of hers with the prompts he chose for me. Below you can see a picture of the three of us during a recent band trip to Chicago for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I am on the right, which of course leaves Chris to the left and Hannah as the rose between the thorns.


I invite you to return each day to see Chris’ brilliant prompts, Hannah’s beautiful pictures and my fiction concoctions tied to each unique prompt.


Day 1 – Albert’s Secret is Buried in the Garden – 

Penelope stood near the gate, watching as the love of her life scratched in the snow. What was he doing? Albert was never this odd, never so secretive. She pulled the hood of her coat tighter as the biting winter wind stung her ears. She was careful to keep herself at enough of an angle that he couldn’t easily glance her way and see her. She also looked behind, toward the large house in the distance to make sure no one had followed them.

She turned her attention back to Albert, who continued to work feverishly at whatever he had in mind. She couldn’t see much since he knelt between her and what he was doing. Why today, in this blasted cold? Her mind traced the events of the last few days in search of something of substance to put this adventure in perspective. Nothing came to her and she wished he would hurry because even the heavy gloves she wore were no match for this day. Her breath caught as she watched him stand. She had to hide so he wouldn’t know she followed. She worked her way around the fence of the garden so she could still see him, but be out of his sight. Albert stood, his back toward her and put his hands together and lifted his head to look up at the sky. Next he turned and with a broad smile and began the journey back the way he had come.

copyright – Hannah Duncan 2015

Penelope’s eyes darted between Albert and the pile of snow he left as she waited impatiently for him to get far enough away to give her an opportunity to duck into the garden. She practically dove into the snow, digging into the pile, eager to know what was so important to Albert. She eventually found a box inside a plastic bag and removed it while turning to see if she was alone.

She pulled the box from the bag and removed the paper from it to reveal some clear tape tightly securing the top. Off came a glove and her fingernails easily separated the thin barrier. next was a much smaller box and within it a velvet case. Penelope could hear the blood from her heart pulsing in her ears as she opened the case. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring, the exact one she told her sister she wanted if Albert ever were to propose.

“I think I am supposed to be the one on a knee,” Albert said from behind.

Penelope squealed in response, first from the surprise of him being there, and then when she thought of what this meant. She turned to face him and felt the blush that was turning her face a deeper pink than the wind.

“You wanted a unique proposal. I knew you had to follow me.”

“So,” Penelope said,”this was your plan?”

“Pretty much. There is just one more thing that will make it complete.”

“Like what?”

“Your answer,” Albert said wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Are you serious? Yes! Of course it is yes!”





5 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – Fiction From the Letter A – Albert’s Secret is Buried in the Garden

  1. I loved your flash fiction for this prompt! Here I am thinking it’s going to be all sinister and some horrid secret or something and then BOOM! She gets a proposal! It’s great in any type of reading I’m doing to be on the edge of my seat, expecting something, and then getting socked in the jaw to remind me I don’t always know what’s gonna happen next. 😀

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your flash fiction throughout the challenge! Good luck!!


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