Feed the Detectives- MFtS – 3/30/15

It’s Monday’s Finish the Story time again! Barbara Beacham has done her work, now we need to do ours. Yours truly is planning to add another chapter to Sophie Marcus’ investigation of the murder of the Brigadier. If you have missed the first two chapters you can follow them with these: Brigadier # 1, Brigadier # 2.

“Pizza anyone?” an officer called. He dropped a stack of pizza boxes on the desk beside Sophie, who was in deep concentration.

“Food Sophie?” Tom asked.

“Not now,” she said shuffling through the transcripts of the suspect interviews. There was something, but she couldn’t quite recall exactly what it was.

“Detective Marcus?” one of the staff of the mansion poked their head in the door of the room Sophie commandeered for their work.

Sophie straightened, turning her head from side to side as she tried to work the kinks out of her neck. She stood and walked toward the woman who slowly backed through the door into the corridor.

“My name is Christman, Anna Christman.”

“You know something,” Sophie said, reading her face.

“I heard an argument between the Brigadier and another, just before he was found.”

“Did you recognize the voice?”

“Yes. I know who was arguing with him.”



7 thoughts on “Feed the Detectives- MFtS – 3/30/15

  1. Who was it? I want to read more, which is the sign of an excellent story! Well done Joe! Thank you for participating and I hope that you join in again next week! Be well…. ^..^


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