Tune My Horn – FF – 3/27/15


David Stewart
Copyright – David Stewart


Andy loved a practical joke. It had taken some stealth, but he’d put together the greatest prank of his life.

The sounds of eighteen horns filled the air. It was almost time.

Andy licked his lips in eager anticipation. The large train horn sat ready, only waiting for the correct harmonic combination. Andy looked for his professional grade headphones that would save his hearing. Where were they? “Oh no,” he thought.

His eyes darted to the lattice door to escape and he could see the huge tuba case laying against it. He began to breathe harder as the music swelled.



10 thoughts on “Tune My Horn – FF – 3/27/15

  1. Oh dear, I think Andy mucked up there!
    Great story and it made me laugh. I could imagine him under the stage, patiently waiting for the right moment.


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