Curses are real? Check Yes Or No – SPF – 3/22/15/

I hope you will all forgive me for my oversight last week: I forgot to submit my own Sunday Photo Fiction entry! I feel I have a bona fide reason, maybe more than one. First of all I returned from a bus trip to Chicago about noon on Monday. There is nothing like an eighteen hour bus ride to wear you out. Then shortly after arriving at my house I learned my uncle had died unexpectedly. Prior to this I agreed to be a pall bearer for a church friend and then I was asked to do the same for my uncle. Add to all of that our family pet died Wednesday morning and I have just been totally distracted. I appreciate all of you faithfully adding your stories!


“I don’t believe in curses, never have!” Bertram intoned.

“Just because you don’t believe them does not mean they are not possible,” Sadie replied. “My cousin Enid was the victim of a carnival psychic’s curse. She was stuck on the Ferris wheel for four days.”

“She was stuck for reasons other than a curse. Number one we don’t have a six story fire apparatus to help her down. Number two the carnival people were inept and did not maintain their equipment. Lastly she didn’t want to come down because Henry was on his monthly bender.”

Sadie shot Bertram a look that might have stopped a lesser man short, but Bertram was a veteran of forty years with this woman and knew he was right.

“Anyway,” Sadie said, as she did when she did not like the answer she received, ”There is stories all the time on cable channels about the type of curses people endure every day.”

“When you create 300 channels you have to be equally creative with programming to keep them running.”

“Why do you always argue with everything I say?”

“Because, you sound foolish talking about such nonsense!”

A bright flash of light followed, and then there was silence. A museum worker opened the door and sighed at the new statue. She didn’t know where they came from, but the sure did sell quickly in the gift store.



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