Micro Bookends 1.23 – DOCTOR [micro] NO

OK all you micro-fiction fans, here is another to test your skill. It is one managed by David Borrowdale from across the pond and runs each Thursday from 5 AM U.K. time Thursday until 5 AM U.K. time on Friday. You have a beginning word, ending word and 90 to 110 words including them to tell your story. The story is added to the comments page for judging. Each week a different judge is selected, but lately has been the winner from the previous week. I have added my effort for this week to the comments, but will add here in hopes of sharing this opportunity with those that frequent the Fiction Playground.

You can follow this link to David’s post : Micro-Bookends

Here is my response as it appears in the comments:

You Are Served

“Doctor Framingham? Paging Doctor Framingham, your table is ready.” The slim, regal looking maître de surveyed the room but saw no one moving in response to his page.

He repeated the call at least a half-dozen more times before moving to the next name on his list. He repeated the same process with name after name on his list.

From the kitchen Chef Andre chuckled with glee. Erroll Lazenby was a top notch maître de, but he was no food critic. His slanderous opinion of the new signature dish made Andre feel payback was justified. The phony guest list wouldn’t trace back to him.

“You are feeling inadequate, no?”


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