Holey Boats – MFtS – 3/23/15

It’s Monday’s Finish the Story time again! Barbara Beacham has done her work, now we need to do ours. Yours truly is planning to add another chapter to Sophie Marcus’ investigation of the murder of the Brigadier.

“When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.”

Tom Welling stood with his notebook where he could review what he wrote and his attention was on it when Sophie approached. She took in the expressions of the men, their attire and then touched Tom’s arm to announce her arrival.

“Hey Soph! You need to hear this. Tell her,” Tom said to the man on the left. 

“Eight years ago a dozen of us had two rafts on Penley River. The Brigadier was in one with us, the other raft had Sir Kincaid and his sons and nephew. What we didn’t know was the dam was to be destroyed that day.”

“Don’t forget about the bad boat,” the other man added.

“Bad boat?” Sophie asked.

“Yes,” the first man continued. “We managed to escape the rush of water, but their boat did not. When the search teams found the boat it had several knife holes in it.”

“Sabotage?” Sophie asked. 

“The knife blade was a match for one of the Brigadier’s favorites,” the second man answered.

“I don’t remember hearing anything about the Brigadier being implicated,” Sophie replied. 

“The perks of power!” the first man declared. 



5 thoughts on “Holey Boats – MFtS – 3/23/15

  1. Excellent! One correction, if I may. In the paragraph beginning with Eight, the statement is “was the damn” and it should be “was the dam.” Thank you for participating in the MFtS and I hope that you return next week! Be well… ^..^


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