2015 A to Z Theme Reveal – Fiction From the Letters

Welcome to my 2015 A to Z Theme Reveal for the Fiction Playground. In 2013 I took part in my initial A to Z challenge and did not put as much thought into how I wanted to approach the challenge. in truth I did not find out about it un til days before, so there wasn’t time to do much other than my 26 posts. I missed last years turn but wanted to give 2015 a really solid try. This year I have redesigned my blogging efforts and have 4 blogs entered into the A to Z.

For this particular one my focus is on fiction. I love fiction prompts because you get to tell a story based on someone else’s idea. As I thought about ho I would approach this year’s challenge I asked an editor friend of mine if he would consider supplying the 26 prompts based on the letter of the alphabet. For a bonus his daughter, a fine photographer, will supply a photo to add to the degree of difficulty. While we were all in Chicago for a high school band trip I pulled them into a picture with me.

206 Chris, my editor friend is on the left, his daughter Hannah, a high school sophomore is in the middle. That leave yours truly on the outside. Between the three of us we intend to make the A to Z come to life using 26 fiction prompts. I invite you to come back and give me your opinion. In order to stay close to the A to Z guidelines the prompt responses will be flash fiction, 350-400 words. I have no idea or input into the prompts, so I will respond to them when Chris sends them over each day.

I expect this will make for an exciting journey as we count the days in April. I appreciate your visit to my theme reveal and invite you to not only return for the 2015 A to Z challenge, but to check out my other theme reveals as well.

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12 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Theme Reveal – Fiction From the Letters

  1. Incredible theme. I love it. This is one blog I will bookmark so that I don’t miss a single day. Good luck to you. You are very brave. I have no idea how you will manage four blogs in the challenge. All I can say is that you must be very organized and dedicated. Two very admirable qualities. I am looking forward to your flash fiction prompts and stories.

    I am hosting a small mystery game for my crime fiction theme. I will award weekly prizes for solving daily clues and a grand prize (to be announced) for solving the big crime — a murder. I know you will be extremely busy with all of your blog post, but I hope you will stop by for a visit.



    1. Oh, I like it. I love mysteries. I will bookmark your blog as well. It sounds like so much fun. I don’t know if you ever try Barbara Beacham’s Monday Finish the Story, but I am in the midst of a five part murder mystery on it. Tomorrow will pe part 3.


  2. Best of luck to you. this is my third year doing the A-Z Challenge and I’m actually doing on 3 different blogs (plus my husband is in charge of writing posts for a fourth (our family blog).


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