Mutant 750 #25

Jack knew it was the perfect gift. This would finally drive the last wedge between Casey and Edward. He had battled with the slick Yankee all semester for Casey’s heart. He had money, position and a lot of smarts. All Jack had was the ability to listen. But he listened very well and heard Casey’s deepest desires. She wanted to see some of nature’s greatest sights. The Seven Wonders were a long term dream, and one he wanted to give her when they were married. For now he was happy to serve up smaller doses of happiness. He felt like this one would seal his northern compeitior’s fate. It was a stone from Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. A piece of a Guardian Stone that lined the ridge and was one of Casey’s favorite places.

Casey had shared numerous times her dream of touching one of these columns. While he could not take her there yet or bring one to her, he could deliver a small piece that had weathered away. He knew Edward had neither heard nor listened to her like him. He loved Casey like he had no other before and knew he would no other after. He rubbed on the piece of stone wrapped in the scarlet square of fabric he placed it in six days before. He could not wait to see her face.

The growl he tried to suppress when he entered the common area of the student center, while muffled, was loud enough to draw some attention from those nearby. They lookedup, but then just as quicly returned ot their conversations. Edward was sitting with Casey, decked out in a new suit, obviously from a famous designer. Casey did not seem particularly impressed by it, but still she could have left the table if she felt uncomfortable.

“Casey!” Jack said as he reached the table and drew to her side.

“You made it back in one piece!” Casey said with a smile.

“Of course.”

“Pauley,” Edward said, referring to Jack by his last name only.

“Fugartawne,” Jack replied in kind.

“Casey I have something for you. It is something I came across on my journey and I think you will find it particularly special. Jack reached in his backpack and produced the object, still wrapped in the scarlet fabric and held it in his hand for Casey to retrieve. But Casey never got her chance as Edward snatched it from Jack first and proceeded to climb atop the table and call for everyone’s attention.

“Excuse me friends! Excuse me please! I must have everyone’s attention. It seems Mr. Pauley has brought us a special gift.” He hoisted the wrapped stone high over his head as if it was a trophy and he was a grand victor.

“Edward, stop!” Casey ordered, but the young man continued amid a spatter of laughter and jeers.

“I am not sure of you know, but Mr. Pualey has recently completed a jaunt to the isles,” Edward continued. “It seems Professor Michaleson needed him to slough around gathering keepsakes to litter the geology labs. We all know how much little Jack likes to play with rocks.”

“Edward, this is not funny!” Casey half-shouted.

“No, no Casey it is not. Playing with rocks could lead to Boulder’s disease or perhaps even Gravel Pit Itch or some other malady.”

Before Casey could object again Jack swept Edward’s feet out from under him and managed to catch the scarlet package as it slipped from his grip. While the crown hooted and cheered at the villain’s demise, Jack took Casey by the hand and led her out the side door into the courtyard. They ducked behind a statue out of sight and Jack took a deep breath before trying again.

As I said before I found this when i was away and I think you will find it to be something special.

“What is it?”

Jack proferred the object again, and this time Casey’s face twisted in wonder as she tried to imagine the treasure inside.

“Open it,” he said.

She pulled the red stirngs at the top and expelled a gasp when the fabric fell away to reveal Jack’s surprise.

“Don’t tell me this is what I think it is! You didn’t!”

Jack smiled as a response, leaving his mouth closed for the moment.

“This is part of a Guardian, I can tell. It has the telltale marbling on the outer perimeter!”

“I knew you would love it.”

“Not only it, but you!”



This is written for Grammar Ghoul Mutant 750 #25ย which you can find here:ย


5 thoughts on “Mutant 750 #25

  1. Yay! The good guy wins in the end. It’s the thoughtful guys who really pay attention that should get the girl. Good for him in his triumph over Jack. This is a great story with a very satisfying finish.


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