The Secret of Phil: Part 2, Phil’s Summer Home – A Willard Willis Expose

Hello all you Sunday Photo Fiction faithful! I know it was Al’s usual way to allow the body of writers to add their stories first and follow on later in the week, but this one just demanded to be written and I had to get it out of my head. If any of you have been reading my fiction prompts lately you know I have been stuck on this Puxatawney Phil story line. I hope you will indulge me as I ride it to its conclusion. Thanks for writing and reading the Sunday Photo Fiction stories. Please let our writers know you are here!


“Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman and welcome to this Alpine Acres News special espose’. I am Willard Willis and just seventeen short days ago I  shared the exclusive news concerning Puxatawney Phil and his unbelievable agreement with winter gear retailers of America. An agreement that led to him to subvert the process that made him famous for his own personal gain. Since that time more evidence has been shared from all quarters and yours truly has traveled this great nation talking to those no longer afraid to tell Phil’s sordid tale.

Today we get another view of this wide ranging conspiracy from a surprising source, Polar Pete, the longest residing Polar Pear from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus Ohio. Here is my interview with Polar Pete:

Polar Pete, pictured at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in June 2014 (Copyright Joe Owens)

Willard Willis: Thanks for speaking Pete.

Polar Pete: No thank you Willard for sharing the truth.

This is a mansion under construction near Belmopan Belize I photographed in December 2012.

WW: This is the summer home Phil is building?

PP: $5 million dollars’ worth!

WW: $5 million?

PP: Dude has no shame.

WW: Why speak now?

PP: My friend Luscius was killed for speaking out. His life insurance didn’t have a clause for being crushed by ice and snow falling from a Share An Idea sign. I mean why would a seagull worry about ice and snow? The power has gone to Phil’s head. This has to stop!

WW: Yes, Phil this has to stop!

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