Missing the Rum – Yeah Write #203 Microstory

Back before the 2014 Writing Sabbatical I used to take part in the various Yeah Write prompts. There was the Weekly Writing Challange, which I only qualified for once, the Speakeasy, for fiction and the Moonshine Grid on the weekend for whatever was on your mind. Now there is only the Weekly Writing Challenge and a new option, the 42 word Microstory. This week the microstory is based on the question: “Why is the rum gone?” I love flash fiction and at a measly 42 words this is definitely flash fiction. I hope you enjoy and I invite you read more of my flash fiction.


Aloysius Flanagan, 115, was the longest serving constable in America. He remembered prohibition days and with advanced Alzheimers he regulated as if it was policy today. His old 1954 Ford groaned with a load of the dark fluid. “Save them from themselves,” he smiled.



2 thoughts on “Missing the Rum – Yeah Write #203 Microstory

  1. This was great. Too bad you didn’t get it in time. Very witty and concise. Just a note, which you probably know by now, they hold any extemporaneous words against you, such as the intro.


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