Monday’s Finish the Story – March 2, 2015

You know between the old standard, Friday Fictioneers and ho sting the Sunday Photo Fiction you might think I have plenty on my writing schedule. In truth I probably do, but you know us writers, we cannot deny a juicy invitation to wield our plot! Flash Fiction is a tricky thing, in that you have a limited amount of words to lay out the scene, setting, plot and rise and climax. It definitely helps sharpen my writing, I can see that. So, all this introduction to confirm I have found another: Monday’s Finish the Story hosted by Barbara Beacham. This iteration gives a little bit different direction with a 150 word limit and an opening line with the photo prompt.

I decided to bridge this across another post I have written, a humor piece about Puxatawney Phil. If you are interested in the original you can find it here : The Secret of Puxatawney Phil

Finish the story begins with:When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!

Here is mine for this week:

When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in! But this time he’d jumped into the midst of the mother of all grudges, the one known as the Puxatawney Phil expose. Some reporter named Willard Willis finally broke the story about how Puxatawney Phil was in legion with the winter weather product industry and received kickbacks for purposely seeing his shadow on the 2nd of February. Jim unwittingly allowed the reporter, Willis to interview Mother Nature at his home about the evidence Phil held over her that he used to make her send horrible winter weather across the USA. Now Jim’s beloved and award winning frog breeding pond was in danger of freezing solid and exterminating his entire prize-winning amphibian bloodline.

“Curse you Phil!” Jim growled.

“I think we can arrange that,” He heard a deep baritone voice say.

“Father Time?” Jim asked.

“Who else?”


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story – March 2, 2015

  1. Nicely done there Joe, and it fits with your article on the dastardly Phil! Thank you for taking part in the MFtS challenge and I hope that you return for the upcoming challenge! Be well… ^..^


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