Crossing Phil – Friday Fictioneers – 3/6/15

Here we go again! Another winter storm gripping the USA and all we can do is hunker down and mark off the 16 days until spring begins. Oh, we can also read our friends fiction! Friday Fictioneers is a great place to start. With a measly 100 words we consider a photo offered by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and create a complete story. Mine is a bridge off another piece I called The Secret of Puxatawney Phil.

copyright – Erin Leary

Sydney didn’t like the new board. Her mural was ruined; over a decade of beauty sabotaged by some ravenous creepy-crawlie creatures. Bart called them termites, Neighbor Bill claimed wood weevils. Sydney didn’t care. She was no longer the artist of 10 years ago. This would break her deal with Puxatawney Phil. The snow and ice would come.

She turned, hearing Bart enter the backyard with his blaring weather radio.

“Hey, listen!”

The machine generated voice confirmed the truth she already knew. “We can expect accumulating ice and heavy snow over the Memphis metro area through the next twenty-four hours.”


10 thoughts on “Crossing Phil – Friday Fictioneers – 3/6/15

    1. We can only hope and pray Janet. There is a recent weather disaster movie called The Day After Tomorrow that looks pretty similar these days. I appreciate you reading and commenting.


  1. Dear Joe,

    I don’t even want to read about ice and snow. I’m ready to be done with winter…but I’m told it’s almost over. As for Phil, groundhog stew anyone?




  2. Dear Joe,

    I am constantly amazed by people who move into a subdivision built up near an old airport and then commence to complaining about the fact that there’s a risk of airplanes falling on them.

    “Climate is what you want, weather is what you get.” Robert Anson Heinlein.

    Where I live, if I want to see snow I drive up to it. Then, when I am done I drive back down and go bodysurfing at the beach. Deciding to live here was one of the smartest things I ever did.




  3. The eastern side of the United States has been pounded pretty heavy with bad weather (it’s the termites fault!). Looking on the bright side of things, I hope Spring comes your way sooner than later. I enjoyed your story Joe!


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