Henry’s Honor -Sunday Photo Fiction 100- 2/15/15

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Yes it is Sunday, the day when we draw back to take some rest and relaxation before reloading and heading back into the battlefield we call our work or school week. It is also the time that the collection of writers that have joined Allistair Forbe’s Sunday Photo Fiction eagerly embrace their weekly photo adventure. For the previous 99 and this one Allistair manned the helm. After all the hard work he has earned some time away and I am happy to take over in the interim. I hope all of you will continue to visit each week and invite your writing friends.

copyright – Allistair Forbes

“Henry this gentleman’s bet is going to be the death of you!”

“Maisy you just get to safety, I am fine here. I will prove to Lord Harriman that the Bertraan’s keep their word and have unbounded honor!

 Maisy climbed the long stairs leading away from the shore as she watched her beloved steady himself on the platform that fronted the sea and awaited the incoming tide. Losing their first challenge Henry had surrendered the right to choose the time for his second.

“Hugh, you aren’t serious,” Harriman’s wife said grabbing his arm. “He will die if he goes through with this.”

“The ol’ boy won’t go through with it,” Harriman declared. He shook his head to emphasize his point as he watched his adversary going through the motions of settling onto the platform. “He hasn’t the guts!”

“His guts will be washed out to sea,” his wife declared.

Henry sucked in the cool air pushed ahead of the sea storm. The water was roiling, angry waves lapping at the rocky shore. No ships dared be in this, so why was he taking such a chance?

“Honor,” Henry said aloud. For honor I do this!”

“He closed his eyes to pray as the first wave crashed into the shore.

7 thoughts on “Henry’s Honor -Sunday Photo Fiction 100- 2/15/15

  1. No winners in that bet, save for the waves maybe. And the spoils the fishes reap?

    Welcome to the helm – Will you be creating a new blog or using the same space at Sunday Photo Fictioneer?

    I tend to runneth over the word count, but try to stick to just a single page.
    Cheers, Jules


  2. It sounds like the two men grew older but not up. This bet is likely to end in tragedy that touches more lives than just theirs. Well done, Joe. Welcome as the new host of Sunday Photo Fiction! 🙂 — Suzanne


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