Kissing Julia – Friday Fictioneers – 2/13/15

What generates as much excitement as seeing Friday on your calendar each week? Why reading the Friday Fictioneers stories of course. Go on, admit it, you come around every week for these 100 word fiction nuggets, wondering what the unique collection of writing voices will do with the prompt chosen by our fearless leader Rochelle. This week she is the purveyor of the photo and it is a beautiful view from a balcony. I could not go but one way and I hope it comes off as funny as it did in my head.


copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Jerome Stacey couldn’t believe his luck. It was the exact piece of property he wanted to shoot his pivotal scene. Only here could his heroine reject the other guy.

“There’s only one catch,” his assistant said hesitantly.

“I don’t care. Whatever it is I’ll do it!”

“Ok. My uncle said he has to kiss Julia Roberts, on screen.”

Jerome felt his stomach twist in knots. But this was the exact shot he wanted and no price was too great.

“A one shot scene,” Jerome said. “All or nothing, she won’t do it twice.”

“He gets to kiss the Runaway Bride?”



16 thoughts on “Kissing Julia – Friday Fictioneers – 2/13/15

  1. As a Georgia-born girl, this tickled my funny bone. Mostly because everyone’s filming around Atlanta, and I can see this working out perfectly well with the old homes that look good on screen.


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