The Freezing Goddess – Sunday Photo Fiction -2/8/15

Today is Sunday and that means that Al Forbes is at it again. This friend of writers who also happens to excel in photography has dug into his extensive archives to find us something to use as inspiration. For the last two weeks my story centered on a budding relationship between an American salesman and an Irish beauty. The prompt photo for this week is taking me in a totally different direction.

copyright – Al Forbes

“When I saw the ad on the bulletin board I thought what an easy way to make $150!” Annie said.

“It is easy,” Ashley agreed. “All we have to do is sit.”

“Agreed, there is no exertion, but sitting in this cold is ridiculous. Couldn’t we do this inside? She pulled the wool blanket tighter around her, trying to pull every ounce of heat into her body during their break.

“Mrs. Dellano said the sculptor can only work with the material in this temperature range. We will just have to tough it out.”

“So are you going to ask him out?” Annie said nodding toward the other member of their artistic trio.

“Are you kidding? Look at him. There is no way he would say yes. I’ll bet he has a model girlfriend with legs that go on and on.”

“Ashley why do you always sell yourself short, you are my most gorgeous friend.”

“Okay, shed the blankets, time to get back to work,” the sculptor announced.

When the girls approached the chariot model the guy they were swooning over sported a strange expression.

“What is it,” Ashley asked.

“You look like a goddess!”

“What?” Ashley said, feeling the blush from her cheeks.

“Look,” the guy said pointing to a statue nearby.

Annie and Ashley approached the statue and were struck by the uncanny resemblance.

“Wow,” was all Annie could say.


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