Take Me – Micro Bookends 1.17

I found another weekly challenge with a flash fiction element in the form of Micro Bookends. Simple premise that, used two supplied words, one at the beginning the other at the end, but using between 90 and 110 words. This week the supplied elements are water and gate. Bridging ogg my Friday Fiction piece for this week I continued Jake’s story.

Word Count: 110

Water. Let it be like water under the bridge. That was dad’s advice. Jake wished his dad was more elegant or in the least more clear. Not only had the girl with his heart squeezed it flat, his best friends proved themselves as scoundrels.

Jake sat on the wooden bridge over Penley River, watching the water glide by. Was that what life really was? Just a constantly moving stream you moved in and out of daily?

Over his shoulder he heard a voice that chased his sour mood. It was Andrea or Andi as he called her.

“I heard. I still have my prom invitation,” she said from the gate.


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