Not Another Maze!

One thousand words is a luxury for those wordy wordsmiths who love to use their flowery speech to try to impress us. Here at the Firday Fictioneers it is more cutthroat. 100, no more. Of course we have occasions when an extra or two is just unavoidable, but for the largest part one hundred is the rule. Can you tell a story in this fashion, one with beginning, middle and an end? Then you belong in our stable, creating the type of fiction the world comes here to see each week. Welcome to the Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Melanie Greenwood


 Another stinking maze! Why was she so fascinated with these things? Jake and Brent looked at each other disgustedly, but knew this would end their competition. Sidney told them she hid her prom invitation here. Whoever found it first would be her date. The boys scrambled over, around and through the winding path, desperately searching for their prize.

An hour later they emerged empty-handed. Twenty feet away Sidney stood locked in the embrace of Alex, their other best friend.

“I wonder if this was always her plan,” Jake wondered.

“I dunno,” Brent said mashing the invitation deep in his pocket.



21 thoughts on “Not Another Maze!

    1. Yes Dawn I ended a nine month writing sabbatical as the new year began. It is good to be back. I feel refreshed, energized and doubly determined to publish at least one of my novels in 2015. FF is a chance to develop new plots.


    1. I tried to respond to you Patrick and this somehow jumped into the trash bin. I recalled it so i could fill you in. Jake and Brent were operating under the premise the battle for Sidney’s affections and prom date was between them. In truth Alex enlisted Brent to swipe the invitation so he could be with Sidney.


  1. Dear Joe,

    Sidney’s a player. Best to stay out of her game. Nice one.



    PS: Just read your comment to Carol, Hm. I’d never have caught that Brent was part of the plan. I just figured she played them both for fools.


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