Bedtime – Five Sentence Fiction – 1/29/15

Are you looking for another flash fiction challenge? You need look no further  than the Five Sentence Fiction challenge offered by Lillie McFerrin. Like many of the fiction challenges I enjoy Five Sentence Fiction is based on a photo prompt. This weekly adventure is different in that you only have five sentences to weave your tale.


Peter hated walking the streets alone, especially at night when the noises that sent him back to Fallujah were not blended in with the cacophony of daytime sounds. If Julie was with him she would quickly talk him down by pointing out the everyday and natural interaction between residents of the city that created the sensory overload. But this trip he was alone and his hand rested on the cold steel of the Smith and Wesson .45 he carried to steel his mind. Only another five blocks and he would be home, safe from his mind and the streets. Up ahead however there was a form on the street that caused the hair on his neck to rise and his instinct threatened to take over.


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