It’s Not the Pirates I Wanted – Sunday Photo Fiction -2/1/15

Last week I got so many great comments and interest about Chasing Caitlin that I decided i would continue the story with this week’s prompt. This is the continuation of Jon and Caitlin’s budding romance. Of course that means adapting Al’s photo to fit the possible plot line. Or is it curving the plot line to incorporate a picture direction. Yes, both. I hope you enjoy the continuation of Jon and Caitlin’s budding romance. If you need to catch up you can read last week’s words here

copyringht – Al Forbes


Jon could feel his heart begin to race and the pulse of the blood pumping in his years displaced the busy street noise. He blinked a few times, not sure if he believed the Irish beauty was truly b before him. All the dreams through the night had been so vivid and similar.


“I know I am a fright, but I just got finished with my run. Five miles does a little to unsettle your fixing.”

Jon lowered his eyes from her face to take in the neon pink warm up type jacket and multi-colored sports leggings the beauty sported. He had never considered the entire package when he met her because her deep emerald eyes and lovely voice mesmerized him so completely.

“Did you come for the copy of Treasure island? ”

Jon took a deep breath, knowing his time was running out to romance this beauty.

“Honestly Caitlin, I only mentioned that book to make conversation. In all truth I just was looking for something to keep you interested.”

“I know,” she said with a perfect smile.

“You did?”

“Sure. I may not be your typical American girl, but I’m not daft!”

“No, that you are not,” Jon nodded.


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