They Shock Cats, Don’t They

The Friday Fictioneers. It is more than a collection of eclectic wordsmiths hailing from all regions of this great big world. There are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. Namely people of every age and nationality who love to use a simple singular photo as the starting point for a quick 100 word journey.

Obviously you have some attraction to writing since you are here. Fiction too, or you would not know about FF. So what is your desire as you circle through the bevvy of writing beauties offered this week? You can find a variety of stories to satiate your wishes. What follows is my attempt.

Copyright – Ted Strutz


The group of people worked their way through the collection of unusual devices, stopping briefly to read the short blurbs on the plaques accompanying each display. One man began to shake his head as soon as he read one of the plaques.

“There is no way! This is not true.”

Underneath a nondescript device was the name “Oppenheimer.”

“You don’t seriously expect us to believe the father of the Atomic bomb created this!”

The tour guide moved beside the man and nodded in agreement.

“No sir, that belonged to Stanley his brother.”

“What did it do?”

“Shock cats!”




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