Chasing Caitlin – Sunday Photo Fiction – 1/25/15

Sunday Photo Fiction I have missed you. Getting a fresh inspiration every Sunday morning in the form of a photo launches a great adventure of 200 or so words.

I don’t know if any of you remember an actress by the name of Caitlin O’Heaney. She was popular in the 1980s and was on Tales of the Gold Monkey and The Charmings. She is the inspiration for the female character.


Copyright – A Mixed Bag 2015

“What was the name of that stinking bookstore?” Jon wondered aloud. This would be the tenth he found in this sprawling English metropolis. The Irish beauty had mesmerized him so he could not remember the most important of details. He remembered her name, Caitlin or Cait, her figure, the city she hailed from, but not the most important. Where did she say she worked?

He knew his boss’ patience was not endless. The trip to Great Britain would either make or break him as an account manager for the international clients. But so would his hunt for this beguiling beauty he knew was the love of his life. He could hear his heart thundering when he caught a brief glimpse of some bright red hair through the window.

“Caitlin!” he shouted from the street.

Inside the store the person didn’t respond, but he was sure it was her. He burst through the door and shouted her name again. Half a dozen patrons turned quickly, but none looked like his query. Dejected he trudged back out the door. He walked another thirty feet and settled on a bench, feeling drained of all hope.

“Well, of all places to find a handsome American,” an angelic voice cooed.

Jon shielded his eyes as he turned into the full sun to see Caitlin’s silhouette.


You can follow this blue guy and visit the others brave enough to try the Sunday Photo Fiction for this week.


7 thoughts on “Chasing Caitlin – Sunday Photo Fiction – 1/25/15

  1. We both went with love stories of sorts this week πŸ™‚ Loved yours and I’ve been there! Not across the pond (yet) but I’ve been in this poor guy’s shoes.

    Curious where it goes next!


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