The Ship! The Ship! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 1/11/15

Sunday Photo Fiction I have missed you. Getting a fresh inspiration every Sunday morning in the form of a photo launches a great adventure of 200 or so words. I got a tad wordy this time, but I think you will agree the last words give the story a much unexpected twist. Yes, this is 168 hours later than the prompt, but the plot has so much potential I just had to put it out.


It had been 435 days. More than a year since he had seen Delilah. The well worn photo did not even look like her anymore. His fingers had worn the image from his longing caresses. How his arms ached for her soft, wonderful essence. Colony building was no task for a man in love. To be away from the one who held his heart was worse than the fear of savage attack or starvation. The neglect to his heart weighed so much heavier. How could he ever recoup so many lost days?


She paced the deck. Was he still alive. There had been no news for more than a year. This experiement as the king framed it was supposed to bring great riches to the empire. Wealth and fame was how he sold it to his subjects, something necessary to maintain their status in the world. Delilah did not care about the world. She wanted her Phillip back, the world could go fly it’s kite. This kind of sailing ship was no place for a lady, but she wanted her love back more than she cared about her dignity.


The captain felt no remorse deceiving the beauty. Landing at an empty island would finally erase her lingering hope, then he could have her for his wife.


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