26 -Dec -14 – Superstitious? Who Me?

For eight and a half months I have been working through a writing sabattical. Why? To sharpen my ability to whittle ideas into strong story material. Also I decided to subdivide my main blog into specific themed ones. This is the fiction centered blog, Fiction Playground.

I have missed the weekly 100 word adventure hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It is time to dive back in the pool. So without further ado, here we go.

copyright – Bjorn Rudberg

“Julie? Jules?”

No reply came, which made Kurt cringe. Two long minutes after the scream, he feared finding his fiance. The legend was well known, even if improbable to be true. The first engaged woman to descend the steps after a blood moon would be taken. Kurt wanted to deny his superstitious nature, but right now he couldn’t summon the courage.

“JULIE!” he shouted. “JULIE!”

Again, no reply. Kurt edged forward to peer toward the bottom of the steps. No Julie.

“I GOT YOU!” Julie screamed as she grabbed Kurt’s arm.

“Dammit Julie!”

“No, you aren’t superstitious!”


“Oh Yeah!”


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